Solid-State RF Technology

“Solid-state RF energy offers numerous benefits unavailable via alternate solutions: low-voltage drive, semiconductor-type reliability, smaller form factor and an “all-solid-state electronics” footprint. Perhaps its most compelling attributes are fast frequency-, phase- and power-agility complemented by hyper-precision. Collectively, the technology’s attributes yield an unprecedented process control range, even energy distribution, and fast adaption to changing load conditions [1].”


NovionX GmbH brings solid-state RF energy to analytical chemistry and life sciences. Our research & development lab is located next to the beautiful lake of Constance in Lindau – Germany.

Various interesting applications and products are developed at our site in Lindau:

  • Rapid Polymer Curing
  • Ion sources for mass spectrometry
  • Plasma Lightning
  • Dielectric Heating
  • Blockchain Technology